Variety Name: AnostaRights Holder | Breeder: L.D. STOLCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 1975

Anosta is an early to medium-early, predominantly firm-boiling potato variety. It has a fairly high yield and a very uniform sorting. The Adora has a light yellow flesh color. It is particularly suitable for french fries. 


  • Maturity: early to medium-early
  • Tubers: round-oval, thick, even, flat-eyed
  • Flesh color: yellow
  • Skin: yellow and smooth
  • Yield: quite high to high, very uniform sorting
  • Herb: good land cover, broad-growing Germ : conical, red-violet, heavily hairy
  • Flower: rare, white color
  • Late blight: sensitive
  • Tuber rot: not very sensitive
  • Potato scab: little sensitive to sensitive
  • Potato cancer: resistant
  • Virus Yn: quite resistant
  • Nematodes: resistant (Gl. rostochiensis 1)
  • Dormancy: very short

Cooking Characteristics 

  • Cooking Type: Cooking type BC, mainly solid boiling, slight black coloration after cooking
  • Usage: French fries
  • Shelf: lifelow

Companies Offering this Variety