Baby Lou.


Baby Lou.
Variety Name: Baby LouRights Holder | Breeder: SAKACountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction:
Baby Lou is a maincrop variety perfectly suited for the production of baby potatoes. It provides high yields of firm cooking regular sized tubers (less than 45 mm) due to its high tuber set.

Taste and culinary quality in general are excellent.

Baby Lou shows a strong performance against PVY, PVYntn, bruising, common scab, TRV and Rhizoctonia.

  • Tuber shape: Oval
  • Flesh color: Yellow
  • Eye depth: Shallow
  • Skin color: Yellow
  • Skin characteristic: Smooth, Netted
  • Maturity: Medium early
  • Plant type: Intermediate
  • Growth habit: Semi-upright
  • Color of flower: White
  • Foliage development: Rapid
  • Number of tubers: Very high
  • Dormancy: High

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