British Queen.


British Queen.
Variety Name: British QueenRights Holder | Breeder: Year of of introduction:
British Queen – One of Ireland’s favourite varieties of potato, due to their high dry matter and great flavour.

Grown all over and loved by all, tubers are oval in shape with white skin and white flesh.

British Queen are a dry and floury potato, and consequently packed with good old fashioned potato taste when boiled.

Excellent dry rot resistance, and rightful winners of the RHS award of garden merit.

A stalwart of the potato world, seems like British Queen’s are here to stay.

  • Tuber skin colour: White to yellow
  • Tuber eye colour: Yellow
  • Primary tuber flesh colour: White
  • Tuber shape: Oval to round
  • Tuber eye depth: Shallow to medium
  • Tuber skin texture: Smooth to intermediate

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