Variety Name: EdisonRights Holder | Breeder: SAKACountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction:
Edison is a high yielding french fries maincrop providing perfect frying results - even after long term storage at low temperatures.

Also in rough conditions like drought and heat it grows regular sized tubers of a long oval shape with light yellow flesh.

Its nice skin quality makes it also suitable as ware crop. Strong performance against bruising, spraing/TRV, scab, powdery scab, PVY and PVYntn. Resistances: PCN Ro 1.

  • Maturity: Medium early
  • Plant type: Intermediate
  • Growth habit: Semi-upright
  • Color of flower: Light red-violet
  • Foliage development: Rapid
  • Number of tubers: Medium
  • Dormancy: High
Tuber characteristics
  • Tuber shape: Oval, Long oval
  • Flesh color: Cream, Light yellow
  • Eye depth: Shallow, Medium
  • Skin color: Yellow
  • Skin characteristic: Smooth, Netted


  • Nematodes: Ro 1
  • Potato wart disease: Race 1
  • Leaf blight: Medium
  • Tuber blight: Medium
  • Rhizoctonia: High
  • Black leg: Medium, High
  • Common scab: High
  • Internal rust spot: Very high
  • Second growth: High Silver scurf: Medium, High
  • Damages: High
  • Bruising: High
  • PVY: High
  • PVY ntn: Very high
Yield and Quality
  • Market outlet: Ware, French fries
  • Yield: High
  • Share oversize: High
  • Share undersize: Very low
  • Cooking type: Fairly firm cooking
  • After cooking discoloration: Low
  • Discoloration raw: Low
  • Dry matter content: Medium
  • Chips quality after harvest: Very good
  • Chips quality after long-term storage: Very good

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