Variety Name: EvaRights Holder | Breeder: CIMBALCountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 1902
Eva is a medium yielding variety of very attractive appearance; well shaped and uniform sized tubers; good resistance to internal defects such as hollow heart and internal necrosis. Long dormancy period; good storage capability. High specific gravity.

Botanical Features
  • Plants: medium height, semi-erect; stems weakly pigmented; prominent waived single wings; nodes swollen.
  • Leaves: medium green, closed; midribs and petioles not pigmented.
  • Terminal leaflets: ovate; tip cuspidate; base obtuse.
  • Primary leaflets: three pairs; ovate; tip cuspidate; base cordate.
  • Flowers: medium frequency, corolla white on both surfaces, medium size; orange anthers; flower buds weakly pigmented; calyxes and peduncles light green.
  • Tubers: round to slightly oval; smooth white skin; shallow eyes, predominantly apical; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: spherical; red-violet; base moderately pubescent, strongly pigmented; tip weakly pubescent, weakly pigmented, closed habit.

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