Variety Name: FalukaRights Holder | Breeder: F.J. VOSCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2006
Early maincrop ware variety with good heat tolerance and a high yield.

  • General purpose
  • Uniform tuber size
  • Good dormancy
  • Good tolerance against bruising and damage

Plant and tuber
  • Maturity: Early maincrop
  • Tuber shape: Long oval
  • Flesh Colour: Crème
  • Tuber size: Quite large
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Flower colour: White
The Faluka variety was bred for the South European and North African markets. Harvest security and high yields under all conditions are the main criteria determining the success of a variety in these important countries.

North African consumers prefer coarse, long potatoes, making the Faluka ideal for this market.

Faluka is a cross between the Armundo and Ariëlle varieties. These varieties are round to oval in shape and both have a good yield.

The Faluka variety has white flesh and smooth, clear skin, giving it an excellent presentation.

It was bred by Freek Vos, who has been a member grower of Agrico for over 30 years.

The name Faluka refers to one of the most important final destinations for this variety, being the name of a type of sailing boat used for transport along the Nile in ancient times.

However, the variety is not only destined for Egypt; it also goes to other Arab countries, with Libya being the most important so far.

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