Variety Name: KatahdinRights Holder | Breeder: USDACountry of Origin: United States United StatesYear of of introduction: 1932

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium to large, spreading; thick stems, prominently angled, weakly pigmented.
  • Leaves: dark green, large, close; petioles weakly pigmented.
  • Terminal leaflets: large, broadly ovate; apex acute; base lobed.
  • Primary leaflets: four to five pairs; broadly ovate.
  • Secondary and tertiary leaflets: few.
  • Flowers: numerous, light lilac corolla with white tips; flower buds light green.
  • Tubers: round to oblong, large; smooth buff skin; few very shallow eyes; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: ovoid, lilac to reddish purple; highly pubescent; base strongly pigmented; apex weakly pigmented.

Agricultural Features

Medium to high yielding variety; slow development early in season then rapidly; widely adapted; tolerant to drought; washes well at maturity; excellent storability, grades well with few culls; medium dormancy period; medium specific gravity.

Remarks: since tubers set high in hill, it is recommended that a large hill be formed early with a final hilling after tubers are set to avoid sunburn.

  • Utilization: moist texture; good for boiling and baking, suitable for chipping and french frying.
  • Chief Market: fresh market.

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