Variety Name: LukasRights Holder | Breeder: Year of of introduction:
Lukas is a medium early starch variety, which is ideal for green-top harvest and early deliveries. Due to its pronounced dormancy and resistance against tuber rots, it is also suitable for bulk storage. Lukas is characterized by a broad resistance to PCN Ro 1 - 5 as well as Pa 2 (8) and Pa 3 (8).

Plant Characteristics
  • Tuber shape: Round oval
  • Flesh color: Cream
  • Eye depth: Medium
  • Skin color: Yellow
  • Skin characteristic: Netted

  • Nematodes: Ro 1-Ro 5, Pa 2(8), Pa 3 (8)
  • Leaf blight: High
  • Tuber blight: High
  • Rhizoctonia: Medium, High
  • Black leg: High
  • Common scab: High
  • Internal rust spot: Medium, High
  • Second growth: High
  • Damages: Medium
  • Bruising: Low, Medium
  • PVY: Very high

Yield and Quality
  • Market outlet: Starch
  • Yield: High
  • Share oversize: Low
  • Share undersize: Low, Medium
  • Dry matter content: High
  • Dry matter yield: High

Companies Offering this Variety