Variety Name: MadeiraRights Holder | Breeder: Year of of introduction:
Madeira is a medium early, mainly firm cooking ware potato with smooth, nice and suitable for packing combined with very high marketable yields.
  • yellow flesh colour
  • very attractive oval tubers
  • very high marketable yield
  • excellent suitability for packing

Variety Characteristics
  • Maturity: medium early
  • Cooking type: B - A
  • Consumption quality: mainly firm cooking; very stable flesh colour after cooking; good flavour
  • Yield: very high tuber yield with high marketable yield for packing Youth development rapid
  • Dormancy: very dormant, suitable for long-term storage

Tuber Characteristics
  • Tuber shape: roundoval
  • Eye depth: very shallow - shallow
  • Flesh colour: yellow
  • Skin colour: yellow
  • Skin: smooth
  • Number of tubers: medium - high