Variety Name: MadeleineRights Holder | Breeder: DR. R.J. MANSHOLT'S VEREDELINGSBEDRIJF BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2004

Madeleine is a second early ware variety with good consumption characteristics, good resistance to viruses and a high yield.The tubers are large with uniform size.They have a yellow skin and yellow flesh color. These have a firm cooking type and are used in functional foods and nutrition applications.

Madeleine potatoes contain a low amount of starch - 11.6-14.7%. This indicator allows to maintain shape during cooking and is especially suitable for making soups and salads. The tuber does not change color during processing and does not darken when cut. The purpose of the variety is table.

  • Early maturation
  • Leveled root crops with high commercial characteristics
  • Productive, with good yields
  • Well transported
  • Not susceptible to damage during various types of cleaning
  • Has good storage performance for an early culture;
  • Resistance to certain diseases.

Companies Offering this Variety