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Saphia is a new mid-early and high-yielding Norika variety with excellent qualities. It is suitable for salads as well as for boiling, cooking and frying and is distinguished by wonderful taste qualities. The variety is extremely adaptable and is suitable for cultivation both in the plain fields and at higher altitudes in the mountains.

An important feature of Saphia is the ability to achieve high yields in warmer climates and different altitudes. The vegetation period is between 80-90 days, which makes it extremely suitable for cultivation in Bulgaria. 

The variety forms an average of 12-15 large tubers. Plants are usually medium to tall with broad leaves. The tubers are large, elongated oval, yellow inside, have smooth skin and shallow eyes. The smooth skin and attractive shape make Saphia very suitable for washing and packing.

Saphia is a variety resistant to potato canker D1, as well as cyst nematodes types 1 and 4. It has good resistance to viruses and rhizoctonia. It is also important to note its resistance to the formation of rusty spots. Saphia is moderately resistant to leaf blight and highly resistant to tuber blight.

Saphia is characterized both by the size of its tubers and its yield potential. With proper cultivation, Saphia yields are excellent and can reach record values.

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