Variety Name: TwinnerRights Holder | Breeder: G.W. TE WINKELCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2016
Early yielding ware variety for conventional and organic cultivation with late blight resistance in foliage and tuber. Twinner is an early-maturing consumer variety with excellent consumption quality.


  • Retail | General purpose
  • Large tubers
  • Beautifull appearance
  • Rather firm cooking

Plant and tuber

  • Maturity: Early
  • Tuber Shape: Oval
  • Flesh Colour: Yellow
  • Tuber size: Quite large
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Flower colour: White
Apart from the crossing, this variety was developed entirely on the organic farm run by the te Winkel family.

After experiencing Phytophthora problems in organic potato cultivation for a number of years, Wim te Winkel decided to lend a hand.

Wim was able to connect quickly with Agrico Research because he sold all his potatoes through Agrico.

The cross that produced the Twinner variety was between seedling MA 98-0032 (from Mansholt) and seedling AR 00-87-22 (from Agrico Research).

There are a couple of well-known varieties among Twinner's ancestors – Marabel and Sirco, both Mansholt varieties. A resistance gene against Phytophthora has been crossed into the parent sourced from Agrico Research.

Each seedling bred at Agrico is assigned a two-letter code followed by a year and an individual number. The abbreviation for the Winkel is TW, and when combined with the word 'winner', forms this variety's name.

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