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Marel TEX-10
Marel TEX-10 is for ultra-low pressure forming of potato mass for homogenous texture and guaranteed uniform shape. Your potato specialties such as pommes duchesse, hash browns, and croquettes are formed at ultra-low pressure.
Marel Active Mixer
Precise batter mixing starts with Marel’s Active Mixer. This semi-automatic mixer takes powder and water and turns it into a homogeneous mixture, which can be tempura or a lower viscosity batter.
Marel Active Batter Applicator
Marel's Active Batter Applicator uses unique technology to ensure an unrivaled, all-around coverage of all types of potato specialties. It creates the perfect base for a flawless layer of dry coating.
Marel GoldFryer
The GoldFryer lies at the heart of a completely integrated system offering an optimal frying environment as well as oil management, filtration, and storage. It produces uniformly fried products with the perfect color, texture, taste, and exceptional coating adhesion.
Marel Active Flour Applicator
Marel’s Active Flour Applicator is the ideal pre-dust coating solution for the convenience food and snack industry and fits perfectly in a complete convenience line set-up
Marel RevoCrumb
The RevoCrumb produces perfectly coated potato specialty products with uniform distribution of crumb and the highest quality appearance. The RevoCrumb separates the coarse from the fine crumb and then lets you precisely control their flow onto the product.
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Marel LinearOven
The LinearOven steams, cooks, and roasts products, including potato specialties. The LinearOven’s dual-zone design lets you precisely adjust the temperature, dew point, and airspeed to create the optimal cooking climates for your specific products.


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