Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in the Caribbean

Bermudez Group Limited (BGL)

The Bermudez Group Limited (BGL) is a group of companies, mostly known through its individual operating companies, active in the Carribean snacks and the bakery sector.

Holiday Snacks Ltd

Holiday Snacks Ltd, an operating company of the Bermudez group, is a snack manufacturer in the Caribbean

Institute of Plant Biotechnology (IBP)

The Institute of Plant Biotechnology (IBP) of the Central University 'Marta Abreu' of Las Villas belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba. It was founded on November 19, 1992.

Plant Health Research Institute (INISAV)

The Institute, as an entity of the Ministry of Agriculture, in accordance with current legal regulations, fulfills the function of carry out research on plant health, as a basis for the scientific - technological and methodological basis of the country's agricultural production.
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