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Consorcio Tecnológico de la Papa Ecuador (CTPE)

Consorcio Tecnológico de la papa ecuador (CTPE) is an association of research organisations and universities to promote, stimulate and coordinate research for the potato industry in Ecuador


Inalecsa is a savory snack manufacturer in Ecuador


Inalproces is a privately-held company from Ecuador established in 2004 with the idea of producing and exporting nutritional food using raw material harvested in small plantations by low-income agricultural producers from the Pacific Coast and the Andean Highlands of Ecuador.

Instituto Nacional Autonomo de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, INIAP

INIAP generates and provides appropriate technologies, products, services and specialized training to contribute to sustainable development of the agricultural, agro-forestry and agro-industry. One of its programs, Programa Nacional de Raíces y Tubérculos, works with potato crop.


Nutripapa is a manufacturer of Frozen French Fries in Ecuador

The Exotic Blends Co. (SAMAI)

The Exotic Blends Co. (SAMAI) is a producer and exporter of natural snacks such as plantain, banana, cassava and tropical vegetable chips from Ecuador under the SAMAI brand and private label.
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TropicMax Exotic Snacks

TropicMax is an enterprise that produces and merchandizes nutritional and healthy snacks and constantly aims to satisfy the global market of foods through the norms and regulations nationally and internationally.


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