Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Greece


AGRIS is company based in Greece, which is an expert in Advancing Horticulture and provides seeds, seedlings and know-how at the service of the agri-food chain and vegetable crop farmer.

Biotrek SA

Biotrek S.A. produces flavors and aromas for the food industry. They have a wide range of products that they are able to calibrate to the particular needs and wishes of each customer.


Chipita is a Greek company manufacturing a range of food products, including Potato Chips and extruded Snacks.

Fokeon Gaia

Fokeon Gaia is a Greek potato and onion brand established in 2018.

Golden Gaia

Golden Gaia was founded in the year 1988 with the aim of importing and trading selected agricultural products.The company trade daily all varieties and sizes of potato, onion and garlic across the world.

GPK Agrohellas Ltd

GPK Agrohellas company has been active since 1999 in the import and distribution of seeds and propagating material in the Greek market. Of particular importance is their import and distribution of significant quantities of seed potatoes.
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Novatec Engineering

Novatec offering a full range of sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, bagging line for fruit and vegetable such as potato.

Petalas Fruits

Petalas is a Greece based company. The main activity of the company is the export of vegetables such as potatoes, as well as fruits.

Tasty Foods SA

Tasty Foods SA is a subsidiary of Pepsico in Greece involved in the production of potato chips and snacks

Tsakiris SA (Tsakiris Chips)

Tsakiris SA is the second largest company in the Greek potato chips market

Zafirakis Fruits

Zafirakis Fruits is a Greek company, founded in 1974 growing, packaging and marketing of fruits and vegetables including potatoes.


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