Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Iran

Alvand Starch Industries

Alvand Starch Industries is the owner of the first and the only manufacturing plant of potato starch in Iran and Middle East established in 2001, using the latest technology supplied by LARSSON Sweden.

Bonab Behfam Powder Co.

Bonab Behfam Powder Co. is an Iranian manufacturer of frozen french fries.

Khazaee Corporation

Khazaee Corporation is an Iranian Agricultural, Livestock, and Cold Storage Supplier. They have specialised cold storage for potato tuber.


Linanik Corp. is a manufacturer of savory snacks in Iran, mainly based on corn and potato.

Nobar Sabz Agro Industrial Complex

Nobar Sabz Agro Industrial Complex is situated in Tehran, Iran . Since 1998, Nobar Sabz has become one of the leading producers , of all kinds of FROZEN herbs Vegetables, Fruits and Potato Products (French Fries) in the Middle East and first one in IRAN.

Paris Agro Food Company

Paris Agro Food Company is a manufacturer of french fries and potato flakes located in Iran. The company also manufactures potato products for export.  
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Shayan Hoor Nikan Company

Shayan Hoor Nikan Company is a producer and supplier of all kinds of frozen vegetables by IQF method, French fries and potato flakes for domestic and export use, with high quality and suitable packaging.

Tak Makaron

Tak Makaron Company has been manufacturing different types of pasta, spaghetti and snacks for more than 3 decades.

Talachin Agro-Industrial Company

Talachin is a manufacturer of potato chips and French fries from Iran. Products are sold in the middle east under the brandname Bato.


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