Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Lithuania


Agrotarana is an agricultural machinery and service providing department of closed joint-stock company Meteka.


CHAZZ chips are baked in small portions, slower and at a lower average temperature of 150 C, so they are crispier and you will find not only potatoes but other vegetables as well that make chips


Farmarm is an ultra-compact palletizer suitable for low-speed production plants, that stands for its easy installation, management, and maintenance.


Lematec is a manufacturer of packing and palletizing equipments for food industry. The company is located in Lithuania.


Tormeka is a specialised research and development team that works on Industrial automation & Artificial intelligence and also manufactures and develops high-quality goods that satisfy even the strictest industry requirements.


Vfarm is a company offering high quality chips, seed and table potatoes. Located in Lithuania, farmer Petras Vasiliauskas has been specialising in the potato cultivation since 1997.


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