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Apple & Snack Co.,LTD.

Apple Snack Co., LTD. is an apple chips manufacturer located in Japan

Bare Foods Co. (Bare Snacks)

Bare Foods Co. (doing business as Bare Snacks) is a United States based manufacturer of packaged baked fruit and vegetable snacks.

Crispy Green

People are seeking healthy, tasty snacks to fuel their active lifestyles. Crispy Green provides 100% pure fruit as a grab n go snack that satisfies without sacrificing taste, while adding more fruit to their diet.

Dao Heuang Group (Dao Food) Ltd.

The Dao-Heuang Group is one of the largest companies in Lao PDR offering a wide range of products, including an extensive range of Fruit Chips

Good Health Natural Products, Inc

Good Health Natural Foods is a snack manufacturer offering a number of innovative snacks, such as Avocado oil potato chips, Olive oil potato chips and Humbles Baked Hummus Chips.

RIND Snacks, Inc

RIND is a better-for-you snack brand focused on whole fruit nutrition. With a product line 'powered by the peel,' the company's craveable dried fruit blends maximize nutrition and minimize waste.

Seneca Snacks

Snack It Forward, LLC

Snack It Forward is a private United States based snack company offering freeze-dried fruit snacks branded 'Sunkist Snacks' and crunchy puffed pea based snack brand 'World Peas Peatos'.

Snack Italy

Snack Italy produces gluten-free savory snacks. They want to help celiac consumers or those who want to follow a correct diet, to eat in a balanced, healthy, and light way without sacrificing taste.


Treasure8 is a San Francisco-based Food & Beverage innovation and technology company. Branded Ground Rules, the company has launched a series of fruit and vegetable based snacks.


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