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Croky is a Chips and Snacks brand used by Roger & Roger in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Diabeticom-Healthy Snacks

Diabeticom-Healthy Snacks specializes in the production and supply of popped snacks to the retail and wholesale trade all over the world.

European Snacks Association (ESA)

The European Snacks Association (ESA) looks after the interests of the European snack food industry.


Incomec innovates, develops and supplies production equipment for puffed and popped snacks to the global food industry.

Poco Loco

Paulig is a family-owned food and beverage company, growing a new, sustainable food culture – one that is good for both people and the planet. Paulig provides all things tasty; coffees and beverages, Tex Mex and spices, snacks and plant-based choices.

Roger & Roger (Croky Chips)

Roger & Roger manufacturers of potato crisps was founded in 1999. Located in Belgium, the company was formed by former industry associates who oversee day-to-day running of Roger & Roger.
Interpom 2022 - leaderboard - 20221001

Snack Food Poco Loco NV

Snack Food Poco Loco NV is a manufacturer of a range of texmex products including tortilla chips for retail and foodservice.

Waltson Chips

Waltson Chips is a potato chip producer from Belgium.

Wimble Manufacturing Belgium BVBA (Pringles - Mechelen)

Wimble Manufacturing Belgium BVBA (Pringles - Mechelen) is one of the Production locations of Pringles


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