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Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks

Fritos Sevilla is a Spanish Potato chips and snacks Manufacturer.
Frixx is a potato chips manufacturer in Georgia established in 2015.
We provide a FULL BAG of premium quality kettle chips!
Funky Monkey is a manufacturer of freeze dried fruit snacks, produced in Brazil.
FZ Organic Food BV is a small Dutch manufacturer of several organic food products. One of their products is potato chips, sold using brand name Trafo.  
Gee Pee food products Ltd is an Indian manufacturer of chips, sold using the Pogo brand.
General Mills, Inc. (General Mills) is a manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores.
The Turkish company Gesa Food Co., is a producer of savory snack food including potato chips and corn snacks.
Ghiott Dolciaria of Florence, Italy, is a producer of typical Tuscan pastries, was founded in 1953 by a Florentine family of well-known pastry confectioners.
Good Health Natural Foods is a snack manufacturer offering a number of innovative snacks, such as Avocado oil potato chips, Olive oil potato chips and Humbles Baked Hummus Chips.