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Agropia Cooperativa

Agropia Cooperativa is an organization of small producers of native tubers, they group more than 150 families in 17 different peasant communities in the high Andean areas of the Huancavelica region.

Deprodeca S.A.C

Deprodeca S.A.C., member of the Gloria Group, is a Peruvian company producing and marketing snacks. One of their products is potato chips from native Peruvian potatoes.

Gauchitas SA

We put our best to make the best homemade potato chips. Original recipe with Sea Salt. Much richer! The potato is in Balcarce.


Inalecsa is a savory snack manufacturer in Ecuador


Inalproces is a privately-held company from Ecuador established in 2004 with the idea of producing and exporting nutritional food using raw material harvested in small plantations by low-income agricultural producers from the Pacific Coast and the Andean Highlands of Ecuador.

Inka Crops S.A

Inka Crops, is a Peruvian company specialized in the production and marketing of gourmet snacks

Kari-Kari Alimentos

Kari-Kari Alimentos is a Brazilian Snack food company


Precolisto is a Colombian Distributor of process food products.

Procesadora Andina de Papa S.R.L. (Pa&Pa)

Procesadora Andina de Papa S.R.L. (Pa&Pa) is a potato processor in Bolivia manufacturing both frozen french fries and potato chips.


Rapipap is a brand of frozen french fries and potato specialties in Argentina, now owned and manufacturered by the newly established joint venture between Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. and Sociedad Comercial del Plata: Lamb Weston Alimentos Modernos S.A.


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