Al Kabeer Group

Al Kabeer is active in procurement, manufacturing, and distribution of processed frozen food. Founded over 40 years ago, the Group has evolved into a multidimensional, multi-product business with offices, processing units and cold storages in over 10 countries.

Domiatec Holding

Established in 1973, Domiatec has been at the forefront of the agricultural field and has supplied seed potatoes in Egypt for over 40 years. The company also provides specialized, high-end storage services to key customers and manufacturers.

Food Tech, Inc.

Food Tech specializes in planning, engineering, and building food process plants and cold-storage warehouse and distribution facilities for food processors, distributors, retailers, wholesalers.

FreezPak Logistics

FreezPak Logistics is one of the leading full-service cold and dry storage in the United States. The company focus completely on delivering products to market efficiently with market-leading quality.

Indicold Private Limited

INDICOLD offers highly dependable and cost-effective warehouse and logistics solutions. Its solutions for the frozen and refrigerated food industries give companies a competitive advantage, allowing them to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Kafledy Storage Pvt Ltd

Kafledy Storage Pvt Ltd. was registred in 2008.The company is located at Kafledy- Panchkhal (42 Km from Kathmandu). They are one of the Nepal’s largest cold storage.
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Munters Pty Limited

Munters is an energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions producer based out of Michigan.


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