Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Chile

Austral University of Chile (UACh)

The Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) is a distinguished Latin American academic institution with more than 60 years of experience educating professionals who are highly competitive at both the national and international levels.

Marel Santiago, Chile

Marel office located in Santiago, Chile

National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA)

The Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) of Chile is the state agency for agricultural research and development. It is the main agricultural research institution in Chile, with more than 50 years of experience.


NovaSeed performs research and genetic development of potato seeds; they search for varieties with special features, inspired by today's demanding markets.

Pacific Nuts and Dried Fruits

Pacific Nuts connect nut & dried fruit growers with consumers from all over the world, delivering value and high-quality products as well as great service.

Papas Arcoiris

Papas Arcoiris is a family business, founded in 2002 by Boris Contreras Kusch together with his father Andrés Contreras (1943-2014). It is located in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region and is dedicated to the production of potatoes, of different colors and shapes, to market them both in Chile and in the most demanding markets in the world.
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Pat Pot Chips is a snack company located in chile.

Semillas S.Z. (HZPC Chili)

Semillas S.Z., a company with Chilean and Dutch capitals, has more than 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality, certified seed potatoes. They work exclusively in Chile with the genetics and varieties of HZPC

Semillas SZ

Semillas SZ is a subsidiary of the Dutch potato company HZPC Holland BV 

Stoller de Chile S.A.

Stoller's office located in Chile

Tika Chips

Tika Chips is a manufacturer of chips of native potatoes and other root vegetables in Chili.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions Food - Test Center Santiago

TOMRA Sorting creates sensor-based technologies for sorting, peeling and process analytics.

Unisur Alimentos Ltda

Unisur Alimentos Ltda. is a manufacturer of french fries and dehydrated potato  products in Chile. In October 2008 a cooperation with Lamb Weston, at that time still Conagra Foods Lamb Weston was announced.

Wania Foods SPA

Wania Foods SPA is a food innovation company that is reinventing the classic and best-selling snacks, incorporating new technology to reduce saturated fat by between 35% and 55%.


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