Producers of Plantain Chips in the United States

Ara Food Corporation

ARA Food Corporation is a private family owned snacks manufacturer based in Florida, USA. The company’s original plantain chips line now also includes a range of sweet potato chips, yuca root chips, pork cracklings and pork rinds.

Artisan Tropic

Artisan Tropic is a healthy snack brand committed to providing fresh, all-natural, healthy and nutritious whole foods.

Bare Foods Co. (Bare Snacks)

Bare Foods Co. (doing business as Bare Snacks) is a United States based manufacturer of packaged baked fruit and vegetable snacks.


Barnana is a certified B-Corporation, dedicated to deepening its partnerships with family farmers and indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Culture Brands, LLC

Mama Jr. brings to you, Pikliz, a spicy Haitian pickled vegetable relish from the rich food culture of the Caribbean island, Haiti! Since she was a young girl in St. Marc, Haiti, Mama Jr. has been creating magic in the kitchen.

Kiwa Natural Life

Kiwa veggie chips are kettle-cooked using unique natural ingredients harvested by smallholder farmers in the Andean mountainous regions of Ecuador. All our veggie chips, including our naturally-colored Native Andean Potatoes

Munch King Snacks

The Munch King has been known for quality and value around the world since 1978. In 2018, they re-launched the brand with a new line of snacks including classic varieties such as cheese balls, gourmet popcorn, and peanut butter filled pretzels.

Snack It Forward, LLC

Snack It Forward is a private United States based snack company offering freeze-dried fruit snacks branded 'Sunkist Snacks' and crunchy puffed pea based snack brand 'World Peas Peatos'.

TH Foods

TH Foods, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium, specialty crackers and snack mix components including sesame, corn, rice, ancient grains and other specialty ingredients.


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