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APH Group

APH Group delivers and services machines and equipment to increase the efficiency of professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business.

Kloppenburg Machinebouw

Kloppenburg Machinebouw designs and produces machinery for agricultural and industrial purposes. Continuously developing their products ensures that they are always in keeping with today’s requirements.


Miedema is a Dutch producer of machinery for storing, planting and grading of potatoes.

Ploeger Machines BV

Ploeger is a Dutch company offering harvesters, including potato harvesters.


At Vegniek they have a passion for innovative mechanical engineering. Their roots lie in agriculture. That's why they settled in Emmeloord (the Netherlands), 'the potato capital of the world'.


In 2007 VSS Machinebouw took over the name AMAC. Harvesting machines are produced under the name VSS AMAC. The trusted AMAC technology serves as the basis for today's harvesting machines.

VSS Machinebouw

VSS Machinebouw is a Dutch manufacturer of agricultural machinery. From development to production, from plowing to harvesting. Every season deserves its specific attention. They offer the most complete program under the brand names VSS Agro and VSS AMAC.


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