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At Vegniek they have a passion for innovative mechanical engineering. Their roots lie in agriculture. That's why they settled in Emmeloord (the Netherlands), 'the potato capital of the world'. In addition to agricultural machines, they produce machines for industrial applications.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge of materials, transmissions, hydraulics, pneumatics, and control technology, their machines are always versatile, cleverly designed, and built. New machines are usually created at Vegniek by an inventive idea of their selves or by questions from the market. Click on the Vegniek range below or check out the projects page.

The Vegniek machines are designed to be multifunctional and smart. Just like the DiscMaster haulmpuller, a machine that mechanically removes the haulm from the potato, the potato stays neatly in the ground and presses the ground exactly how it should be. Or the Vegniek Multimaster who can aerate, cultivate, level, and sow the soil in one operation, but can also be used separately.
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