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Biosens Sensor Spears

Biosens Sensor Spears transmit temperature and relative humidity wireless from your potatoes to your phone

Biosens Sensor Spears, is a product, that transmits the temperature and relative humidity (RH) wireless every 15 minutes, to a server, through a gateway connected to the internet.

The user can see temperature and RH in the storage in real time, on phone, tablet or computer.

The measurements are stored in the server, and can be used as documentation for 3rd parties on how the crop is stored.

The spears can be used in other crops as well, such as grain and other seeds in storage.
Product Specifications
  • 2 meter long spears collect temperature and Relative Humidity from two points on the spear made in stainless steel.
  • The information is transmitted wireless every 15 minutes.
  • The cabinet is made of strong polycarbonate.
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