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BluePrint Automation Gravity 100r

The BluePrint Automation Gravity 100r case packs a wide variety of rugged products directly into the secondary container; ideal for bags of fresh or frozen vegetables, IQF chicken/beef and a wide variety of other flexible packages!

Benefits of this system include:

  • Simple: Very few mechanical, electrical or pneumatic components
  • Eliminates Human Error: With automatic changeover, human error is eliminated. No manual adjustments
  • Small and Compact: A footprint that works with virtually any layout
Product Specifications
  • Construction: Painted carbon steel or stainless steel available. Varying degrees of wash down if required
  • Safety: Fully guarded and interlocked. Power230/460V 3ø or as needed
  • Bag type: Bags and a wide variety of other flexible and rugged packages
  • Speed: Up to 300 bags per minute
  • Examples: Fresh/Frozen vegetables, poultry/beef, confectionery, sugar, spices, etc.