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BluePrint Automation Spider 200

The BluePrint Automation Spider 200 case packs vertically into a secondary container. The system is ideal for fragile products such as bags of chips and other snacks and is now supplied with a virtually hands-free automatic changeover!

Simply select your product code and the collation conveyor, end-effector and cassette automatically change over to your next bag and case size. It’s that simple!

Benefits of this system include:

  • Auto Changevoer: Bounces back to maximum efficiency after the changeover process is complete
  • Eliminates costly change parts (i.e. multiple collation belts, end-effectors and cassettes)
  • Small footprint to accommodate tight bagger centerlines
  • Standard bag seal checking with optional integrated reusable case erector
Product Specifications
  • Construction: Painted carbon steel or stainless steel available. Varying degrees of wash down if required
  • Safety and Power: Fully guarded and interlocked. Standard electrical package – not black box technology! Power to customer’s specifications
  • Bag type: Bags of fragile product such as chips and other snacks; vertical packing of rigid products
  • Speed: Up to 130 packages per minute
  • Examples: snacks, confectionery, fresh vegetables, salads, shredded cheese, sugar, coffee, nuts, spices, etc.