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Event Promotion Package

Event Promotion Package

If you want to generate a lot of attention in a short period of time, the event promotion package is what you are looking for.

If you want to generate a lot of attention in a short period of time, the event promotion package is what you are looking for.

Think of:

  • Promoting your Conference or Trade Show, Maximizing interest for your booth and new products on a trade show
  • The launch of a new product
  • The Opening of your new facility
  • Attracting buyers to your auction
  • As a powerful element in one of your marketing campaigns

The Event Promotion Package includes the following elements:

  • A dedicated email blast to all PotatoPro subscribers
  • Use of the leaderboard ad (on all webpages!) for up to 10 weeks
  • Full banner email in the weekly newsletter (10 times)

All elements can be used at the same time for a single event, but the package can also be used to highlight multiple events.

What's the next step?

Do you know what you want? Still have questions? Send us an Email or SCHEDULE a conference call to discuss or to get you set up.

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What's in the Event Promotion Package?

A Dedicated Email Blast to All PotatoPro Subscribers

We send an Email on your behalf to ALL PotatoPro Subscribers (just your content).

Your Ad in the Leaderboard Rotation

The Leaderboard ad (728x90px) is available at the top of almost all pages of for the promotion of events or limited time campaigns.

Multiple ads are rotated in the Leaderboard.

Your ad will be included in the rotation for up to 10 weeks.

A Full Banner in the Weekly Newsletter

We will include a Full Banner ad in the Weekly Newsletter, up to 10 times.

Attention on Social Media

We will use PotatoPro's social media presence to raise interest for your event or campaign.


We are constantly working to optimize the PotatoPro website and Newsletters. As a consequence, features may be added, change or disappear during the year.


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