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Flo-Mech FLO-STARCH® Starch & Water Recovery System

FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System separates starch from process water and deposits the starch in large bags for re-sale or re-use.

Basic System Function

  • The system accepts the pumped ‘white process water’ from the potato slice washing system – and separates the starch from the water – via a centrifuge/decanter.
  • The starch powder is deposited into large bags – for re-sale or re-use in other processes.
  • The recycled water is pumped back to be used in other areas of the process (washing, peeling etc.).

Key Points

  • Integrated solution for white starch reclamation.
  • Single modular unit –pre built in the UK
  • Balanced flow input to decanter for maximum separation performance.
  • Starch collection vessel with level and flow regulation.
  • Multiple size units available within the range.
  • Proven decanter model with high reliability and run times between services.
  • Hydraulic drive or electric drive options to responds to process variations.
  • Hygienic design with ergonomic access.
  • Pumps tailored to client requirements.
  • Full Flo-Mech support.