Manter M10 XL Weigher

Manter International, manufacturer of weighing and packing equipment for the Fruit and Vegetable industry, has the last couple of years completely re-designed their hole range of weighers. One of these weighers is the M10 XL. It is in the name, it is a 10-head weigher with 10 XL sized weighing buckets in 1 row. This weigher is the follow up of the successful Manter 10000 XL.

The weigher is built in the new colours of Manter and is mechanically completely re-designed. All vibrating parts are put in a separate frame and are placed on rubber buffers. This is to prevent the vibrating influencing the weighing process.

The weigher has new and more accurate software and comes as a standard with a 15” colour touchscreen. Because of this all the weigher is easily to program and control.

As an option the weigher can be equipped with a MMG, Manter Machine Gateway. If the MMG is put in a network Manter can support the customer from their office.

The M10 Xl can be equipped with different models of discharge systems and can be combined with all kinds of packing machines. Standard the M10 Xl comes with maintenance free vibrating lanes. As an option the weigher can be delivered with belts. These belts are mainly used when the customer is packing dirty product.
Manter Semi Automatic Bagger: SAB 2

Manter Semi Automatic Bagger: SAB 2

Manter International BV

Manter has completely re-engineered the previous Semi Automatic Bagger (SAB) and now offers the SAB 2.

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Manter Bag Placer - High Speed (MBP-HS)

Manter International BV

The Manter Bag Placer MBP HS is the fast upgrade from the excisting Manter MBP.

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