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Rema EnviMaxX potato haulm puller

To reduce CO2 emissions in agriculture, REMA Environmental Machinery BV has developed a 48 Volt full electrical driven haulm puller / root cutter for mechanical potato haulm (foliage) destruction in (seed) potatoes.

All hydraulic components for driving the haulm pulling elements and the depth control have been replaced by electric ones. The 48 Volt electrical system is supplied with power through a power take-off power source.

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Innovative 48 Volt electric driven EnviMaxX potato haulm puller

Because all parts operate at 48 Volt, the machine does not require additional safety facilities and the machine is safe according to EU regulations.

Chemistry-free potato foliage destruction by the EnviMaxX potato haulm puller and root (under) cutter brings the lowest CO2 (Carbon Footprint).

In addition, (seed) potatoes are killed with the EnviMaxX in just one operation. The direct separation of leaves / root system and tubers offers the following advantages:

  • faster skin setting of the tubers;
  • earlier harvest (= more harvest days);
  • reducing / prevention Rhizoctonia;
  • better regulation of tuber size.