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SK Agri Exports Kufri Lauvker

SK Agri Exports, Kufri Lauvker potato variety

Kufri Lauvkar is an early maturing variety (matures in 70 days in plateau and 100 days in the plains) with round white and light creamy firm flesh tubers.

  • Shape: Large Round Oval
  • Size: 45mm to 90mm
  • Skin: Smooth
  • Maturity: 75 to 80 Days
  • Eyes: Fleet with prominent eye brows
  • Flesh: White

  • Utilization: Easy to cook, floury texture, mild flavor, free from discoloration after cooking. Table Potato. It can be grown both in Kharif and Rabi seasons. It can build up yields rapidly under warmer climate.
  • Yield: 30 ton per hector.
  • Primary Use: It’s a Table Potato but it can be used for chipping also.
  • Availability (Harvest Period): January Ending to March
  • Availability (CIPC -Stored in Cold Storage): February to September with sugar level controlled.