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tna - slurry flavour spray system for tumble drums intelli-flav® CLS 5

tna intelli-flav® CLS 5 is a slurry flavour spray system for extruded and other dry snacks.

The under-surface mixing design creates a homogenous mix of slurry throughout the entire spraying process.

tna’s own slurry-atomising air control technology is meant to provide a consistent flavouring spray for your products, while preventing and clearing any blockages – without stopping production.

Designed for quick flavour changes, short production runs, and 24/7 production runs; the tna intelli-flav CLS 5 seamlessly integrates with tna intelli-flav OMS 5 and tna intelli-flav MLS 3 seasoning systems.

Standard features

  • Under-surface mixing design
  • Adjustable mixer speed set by the recipe
  • Multiple recipe storage
  • Adjustable refill rate
  • Single heated double wall reservoir
  • Reservoir level probe
  • Powder feeder with loss in weight scale
  • Liquid flow meter
  • Recycle valve
  • Heated slurry spray nozzles with full atomising air control
  • 3 stages air filtration
  • Washdown

Optional features

  • 3 nozzles spray lance for tna intelli-flav® OMS 5
  • 4 or 6 nozzles spray lances for tna intelli-flav® MLS 3
  • auto-clearance 4/3 nozzles spray lance for tna intelli-flav® MLS 3
  • Salt feeder
  • Minor ingredient feeder with loss in weight
  • Second oil feed, mass controlled for diverse recipes
  • Bulk refill system for powder feeder


  • baked snacks
  • pet foods
  • snacks
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.

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