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Wyma Vibrating Piece Remover

Wyma's Vibrating Piece Remover removes unwanted produce pieces and debris early in your processing line and prior to packaging. Produce and debris are fed ontothe bed, which is made up of corrugated channels. The bed vibrates to spread produce and debris across its width.

Produce and debris moves into the corrugated channels and towards the outfeed. As everything moves forward a series of adjustable openings allow debris to fall through while produce bridges the openings and continues on.

Two eccentric vibrating motors shake the Vibrating Piece Remover at an adjustable speed. Small vibrations are best so produce does not bounce. Springs are fitted to isolate the vibrations.

Optional cross conveyors can be used to carry waste away and carry produce to another stage in your line. Conveyors are placed under the adjustable openings.


  • Flexible operation, suitable for various produce runs
  • Long-lasting stainless steel tray
  • Easily adjustable gaps, size can be set to suit your needs
  • Fully contained vibration motors
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 Removes produce pieces and debris from produce flow.Flexible operation.
Suitable for various produce runs.
AStainless steel trayLong-lasting.
Food safe.
BCoil sprung suspension mountsProvide efficient vibration isolation.
CCross conveyors*Carry produce pieces and debris away for further processing or packing.
DEasily adjustable gapsSize can be set to suit your needs.
Size can be adjusted for each produce run.
EBuilt-in spreader trayDistributes produce evenly across the width of the machine and into the corrugated channels.
FFully contained vibration motorsEasy to set up.
Efficiently spread produce across the width of the bed and move produce to the outfeed.
Very low maintenance.
 Variable speed drives*Control oscillation and shaking intensity.

* Optional

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