How do I Register for PotatoPro?

Just complete the form below and submit...
  After submitting the form, you will receive an email with instructions how to complete your registration.
Can't find the email?

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Why Register for PotatoPro?

Registration is required to use a number of PotatoPro's features, such as to subscribe to our free newsletters, to add your company or to easily submit inquiries and quote requests and much more.

We also use your registration to save some of your preferences such as language settings.

Concerned about how we use your personal information? In our privacy policy, you can find in great detail how we use and safeguard your personal information.

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I can't locate an Email I was supposed to receive during registration. What now?

We have taken extensive precautions to make sure our email accounts remain in good standing and can not be used by unauthorized parties. Unfortunately there are no guarantees and in rare occasions, our security measures may trip up a receiving mail server.

Here is what you can do:
  • The registration email may have ended up in your spam folder. Check your spam folder(s) and if you locate the email there, mark it as not spam. Also add the email address we use for registration, to your contacts

  • You might have made a typo in your email address. Please try again...

  • Do not subscribe using a forwarded email address.
    Known issue:

    When forwarding, both Hotmail and Microsoft Office 365 do not correctly pass on a security feature we are using. In case you forward e.g. the email from these accounts to gmail, our email will NOT arrive. Use a different email address, or do not forward.
  • Email is sent within minutes after you submit the registration form. However, it may take a while before it shows up in your email client. So give it a few minutes and check again...

Nothing worked? Please contact us using and we will check if anything went wrong on our side

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How to change your Email address?

During sign-up, you have given us permission to email you using your specific email address and we have verified that it was yours.

If you want to start using a different email address, use the form below to ask an administrator to change your email address.
  Note that you will have to approve the change using your old email address.

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I don't know / don't have a password

Whether you never set a password, need to set a new password or just forgot it, you can use the link below to request a password reset.
  Note: you must be logged out before you use the one-time login link in the email we sent you.

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Why can't I register with a general company email?

Attempted to subscribe with an email such as or

Unfortunately that is not possible. Since these types of email addresses are typically used by multiple people, the company we use to distribute our newsletters (MailChimp) does not allow it.

It's not only the examples above, but most role-based email addresses.

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I want my registration gone from your systems...

Of course! Just email us from your registered email-address and include the text REMOVE ACCOUNT (exactly like that) in the body.

If you were a contact person for a company, brand, product or event, please let us know who will replace you.
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Any other issues registering for PotatoPro?

We want your use of PotatoPro to be a smooth and pleasant experience. If you run into a problem, it is on US to fix it not on YOU.

So tell us immediately, that allows us to take care of it.
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