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GoodLeaf Farms

Using an innovative technology and leveraging multi-level vertical farming, GoodLeaf has created a controlled and efficient indoor farm that can grow fresh produce anywhere in the world, 365 day of the year.

Greentronics Ltd.

Greentronics designs and manufactures electronic control products for use in agriculture.

Precision Weather Solutions Inc.

Precision Weather Solutions Inc. is a Weather Tracker manufacturer based out of Canada.

Spornado Inc. - Disease Alert System

Spornado Sampler is an effective, low-cost tool for growers to better predict crop disease, and take preventative action.

TELUS Agriculture

TELUS Agriculture is bridging information gaps in Agri-business and Agri-Food – linking together independent tools that enable all businesses. TELUS is using technology to bring solutions together in new ways, leveraging the power of information to make things easier for the food value chain.


TruLeaf’s has developed 'vertical farming' systems that allow year-round cultivation of leafy plants to replace or enhance current sources.


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