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Supersized BigBox Technical Specifications and Guidelines

The new Supersized BigBox ads (Vertical 2x1) gives the power and versatility of the regular big box ad, but you will have twice the space to unleash your creativity.
Included in the following packages:
  • Size of the ad to submit: 450 x 900 pixels
  • Size of the ad as displayed: Ranging from 300 x 600 to 450 x 900 pixels
  • Location: On desktop: Mostly in the right column; On mobile: not currently available on mobile
  • Creatives: Multiple creatives possible, currently unlimited.
  • Frequency / Rotation: Number of impressions for all your supersized creatives together as per your advertising package
  • Targeting: Creatives can be targeted based on: Topic / Page, Language and Geography:
    • Topics / Page typesTargeting based on page topics specified (--)
    • Language: Creatives can be shown for all languages (standard) or for a specific language only. Current languages available: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Dutch (Russian is coming soon)
    • Geotargetting: Worldwide or Countries and Regions as required


PotatoPro uses Google Ad Manager to serve ads to its websites.

The following file types are allowed:
  • GIF (static or animated)
  • JPEG
  • HTML 5 (includes MP4 video)
  • DoubleClick Tag and approved 3rd Party Tags

Key Specifications
  • As per the IAB guidelines: Initial load of 200K, Subload 400K
  • Max looping: indefinite
  • Max animation length: 15 seconds recommended
  • Expansion not allowed
  • Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e. ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).


Email your draft or final versions to
Remember to specify the landings page (URL)
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