España: Princesa Amandine candidata para los premios nacionales de marketing
April 09, 2024

España: Princesa Amandine candidata para los premios nacionales de marketing

La variedad, que ha revolucionado lo que se puede hacer en marketing en el sector fresco, obtiene un primer reconocimiento al trabajo de todos los involucrados.
Potato Processor Peka Kroef B.V. Expands Market Dominance with Acquisition of Frespo B.V.
March 18, 2024

Dutch potato processor Peka Kroef B.V. strengthens its position in the market of chilled products with the acquisition of Frespo B.V.

Dutch potato processor Peka Kroef B.V. entered into a purchase agreement with investment company Nimbus on March 14 2024, regarding the acquisition of potato processor Frespo B.V., the former Aviko site in Cuijk.
Nimbus has agreed to acquire CelaVita
March 08, 2024

McCain Foods to sell CelaVita chilled potato business to private investment fund Nimbus

On March 1, 2024, Nimbus entered into a purchase agreement with CelaVita B.V., a member of the McCain Group of companies, to acquire the activities of CelaVita.
Proffesor Lyu Dianqiu directing the research team.
January 24, 2024

China: developments in new technology for virus detection in just 5 minutes

China develops a new method for detecting viruses in potatoes capable of providing results in just 5 minutes.
Rob Sears hopes his bioengineered potato radiation sensors will open the door to future innovations in organic technology. Image courtesy UTIA.
November 29, 2023

UTIA PhD Student Bioengineers Potato Plant to Detect Gamma Radiation

PhD student Rob Sears engineered the potato plant, also known as a phytosensor, to indicate high radiation levels through changing leaf fluorescence.
Wayne Mansfield Mash production manager at Branston
October 19, 2023

UK potato supplier Branston to open state-of-the-art facility for mashed potato spring 2024

United Kingdom potato supplier Branston has announced it is opening a mashed potato facility to produce and supply leading UK supermarkets with the prepared family favourite starting in spring 2024.
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October 18, 2023

Royal HZPC Group's growth and stability in financial year 2022/2023

For financial year 2022/2023, potato breeder Royal HZPC Group B.V. reports substantial growth in sales. Gerard Backx, CEO Royal HZPC Group B.V., underlines that the important growth in volume, is mainly in Asia and America.
Potato fried, dining appetizer
September 30, 2023

EnWave Signs Commercial License Agreement with Michael Foods

EnWave Corporation announced that it has signed a commercial royalty-bearing license (the "License") with Michael Foods, a subsidiary of Post Holdings and a leading American multi-billion-dollar supplier of foodservice, food ingredient and retail offerings.
Dairy free DUG Potato Drink - Use as Milk
September 12, 2023

'DUG potato drink' challenges milk around the world with partnerships in China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Poland

Veg of Lund continued its international expansion plans and launched the DUG brand plant-based milk in Germany, Poland, Japan, and Italy.
Idahoan® Mashed Potatoes Seasoned with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®
August 16, 2023

Idahoan® Foods launches shredded potatoes with Bold flavors including Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®

Idahoan® Foods – the leading producer of quality, packaged potato products in the U.S.– expands its portfolio with the launch of Idahoan® Potato Shreds.
Fresh Potato Retail Sales FY23
August 06, 2023

United States Potato Retail Sales See Double-Digit Increases July 2022 – June 2023

United States retail dollar sales of potatoes increased 16.8% July 2022 – June 2023, which closed with a strong quarter (April – June 2023) that saw retail dollar sales growth of 14.5% compared to the same period last year.
Veg of Lund’s potato based drink DUG®
July 10, 2023

Veg of Lund signs letter of intent to sell its DUG potato based dairy alternatives in China

Veg of Lund has signed a Letter of Intent with Haofood Shanghai Food Technology Co., Ltd. The companies will cooperate with the common goal of selling, marketing and distributing Veg of Lund’s products - potato based dairy alternatives - under the DUG® brand in China early in 2024.
Veg of lund receives a Swedish patent protecting the company's plant-based ice cream
May 27, 2023

Potato-based ice cream: Veg of Lund receives a patent for the company's ice cream

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV) has notified Veg of Lund AB that the authority intends to approve the patent application SE 2250375-9 which defines the company’s unique vegetable ice cream alternative.
Serial entrepreneur carves a niche with potato processor
April 03, 2023

Serial entrepreneur carves a niche with potato processor

The potato value chain has been the main pain point for Kenyan farmers for decades now. After a bumper harvest, thousands of tonnes go to waste. And this is where Wedgehut Foods carved a niche.
Veg of Lund’s Potato Milk Drinks Make Foray into UK, Germany, and Switzerland
February 28, 2023

Veg of Lund’s DUG Potato Milk Drinks Make Foray into UK, Germany, and Switzerland

The Nasdaq-listed company aims at expanding into Asian and European markets with its DUG brand potato milk products in the near future.
Innovative plant based cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!
January 29, 2023

New: Dutch potato processor Aviko launches cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!

Dutch Potato Processor Aviko launches Potato Cheezz, a plant based product that looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, and has a similar texture to cheese. And totally on trend, as plant-based products are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, and healthy.
The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food.
October 19, 2022

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group. Europe’s largest company active in the valorisation of co-products. Within Duynie Group, they have more than 50 years of experience in taking care of potato products.
Danish Potato Farmers Tour Angus.
June 05, 2022

Danish Potato Farmers Tour Angus

Members of a Danish farmers co-operative experienced a packed 3-day tour of the Angus potato industry recently.


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