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Based in Manitoba, Alfred Lea's Tomahawk Chips will soon be selling coast-to-coast. (Courtesy: Alfred Lea)

Indigenous-owned, Manitoba-based potato chips brand heading to shelves across Canada

July 19, 2021
An independent Manitoba-based, Indigenous-owned brand of potato chip will soon be on shelves across the country. Tomahawk Chips is the brainchild of Alfred Lea, who began the Native Canadian Chip Corporation in 2015.
Ron Offutt was one of the speakers on the final day of the Manitoba Potato Production Days (Courtesy: Manitoba Cooperator / Jennifer Paige )

Ron Offutt highlights the contribution of strong partnerships to his international success

February 11, 2016
Ron Offutt, founder and Chairman Emeritus of the R. D. Offutt Company, the United States’ largest producer of potatoes, spoke about his business success on the final day of Manitoba Potato Production Days in Brandon on January 28.
Double Dutch Thick Ripple Appetizers Chips borrow restaurant flavours

Double Dutch Thick Ripple Appetizers Chips borrow restaurant flavours

May 07, 2014
Old Dutch Foods developed a range of new Chips flavour profiles: Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders, Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese Dip, Calamari & Tzatziki Sauce, and Burstin' Onion. The fact that these sound like your favourite restaurant appetizer menu is no accident.


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