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The research team collects thermal and RGB images to assess canopy temperatures in a potato field. (Courtesy: J. Rinza/CIP)

Canopy temperature provides novel insights into potato yields and efficient water use

January 21, 2022
A new potato or sweet potato variety represents only the "tip of the iceberg," concealing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours invested in testing and developing that variety.
Javier Rinza. Jonas Wittern and Jesus Zamalloa during tubers harvesting of potato minicore trial at CIP experimental station in Lima-Peru.

New study on photosynthesis efficiency in native potatoes

August 28, 2020
A new publication by scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) highlights the usefulness of combining crop growth model, remote sensing, and plant ecophysiological tools to assess genetic efficiencies in potato landraces.


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