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Big savings in reducing insecticide use.

Potatoes New Zealand meeting on the benefits of IPM: Big savings by reducing insecticide use.

May 04, 2023
By adopting integrated pest management (IPM) practices growers are not on their own, Australian entomologist, Dr Paul Horne, told Pukekohe potato growers at a Potatoes New Zealand research update breakfast meeting in late March.
McCain sets decarbonisation milestone in Timaru plant

Potato processor McCain Foods sets decarbonisation milestone in Timaru plant (New Zealand)

December 02, 2022
Timaru’s McCain vegetable processing factory in New Zealand is now producing french fries using a boiler system powered by woodchips instead of coal, seeking to minimise waste by 20 per cent.
Engineering project manager Lenard Smythe at McCain Foods (NZ) - Timaru( left) and plant manager Jordan Jurcina with wood chips that will be used to replace coal in their boilers.

McCain Foods (NZ) - Timaru is switching from coal to wood chips for its french fries

June 14, 2022
A NZD 5.6 million (about USD 3.5 million) project to eliminate CO2 emissions and reduce demand for heating fuel at McCain’s Timaru factory will soon use woodchips to make their frozen french fries.
A Potato So Big Even Guinness World Records Doesn't Believe It.

A Potato So Big Even Guinness World Records Doesn't Believe It

January 26, 2022
Colin and Donna Craig-Brown found the questionably large potato growing in their yard in November 2021. They even named the potato Dug and submitted their surprisingly large find to Guinness World Records (via Food & Wine).
La patata de Donna y Colin Craig-Brown sobre un camión de juguete.

This 7.9 kg potato could be the largest in the world

November 08, 2021
A New Zealand couple named Donna and Colin Craig-Brownla found a 25-pound potato by surprise buried in their backyard and ended up naming it Doug.
The MBIE head office on Stout Street, Wellington (the former Defence House)

Level of dumping of frozen processed potato in New Zealand no threat to local industry, government report says

April 25, 2021
In New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has released its Interim Report (Essential Facts and Conclusions) on the investigation into European dumping of frozen processed potato into the NZ market.
TOMRA Food launches Packhouse Academy, the fresh produce industry’s most comprehensive online learning resource

TOMRA Food launches Packhouse Academy, a comprehensive online learning resource

February 10, 2021
TOMRA Food has launched the most comprehensive online learning resource for packhouse professionals in the fresh produce industry. Packhouse Academy, powered by TOMRA Academy, offers a wide range of videos, webinars, and training modules.
John Jackson – Director McCain, Lenard Smythe – Project Manager, Eddie Christian – EECA GM Investment and Engagement, Nigel Bowen - Timaru District Mayor, Barto Greeff – McCain Timaru Plant Manager, In front: Kanchana Marasinghe – EECA Senior Ac

Potato Processor McCain NZ lowers greenhouse gas emissions through use of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology

September 25, 2020
McCain Foods Timaru potato processing plant is reducing its energy usage environmental impact, now looking to electrification, by installing Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology, a first in New Zealand.
Plant seed potatoes now and you'll be digging up your own buried treasure in just a few months. (Courtesy: Sally Tagg)

Potatoes from plot to plate: how to grow the perfect spuds in your New Zealand backyard

September 17, 2020
While in the Northern hemisphere we are harvesting potatoes and getting ready for winter, this is not the case in the Southern hemisphere. This article offers tips on how to grow potatoes in your New Zealand backyard.
Potatoes New Zealand request Emergency Measures to ban EU imports

Potatoes NZ request Emergency Measures to ban EU imports

May 29, 2020
Potatoes New Zealand is asking the New Zealand government to give urgent consideration to imposing short-term measures limiting the importation into New Zealand of heavily discounted frozen potato chips to avoid a food security threat.


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