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Simplot wants to sell food products from GM Potatoes in Australia and New Zealand
JR Simplot has applied at FSANZ for approval to export genetically modified potato products into Australia and New Zealand. Unclear is what type of products this is about, but unprocessed potatoes can not be imported.
Potato Growers in Hassan losing hope of good returns as lack of rain results in poor germination
Within 30 days into potato cultivation this year, growers in Hassan, Karnataka are losing hope of good returns in their field. The poor germination is linked by experts to the lack of rainfall.
The Sainsbury Laboratory received approval for a four-year trial of genetically modified (GM) potatoes
In the United Kingdom, farming minster George Eustice (DEFRA) has approved a four-year trial of genetically modified (GM) potatoes at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich.
First large-scale Solynta Hybrid seed potato trials highly successful
Potato breeder Solynta started a potato revolution nearly ten years ago: to develop and apply new breeding technologies to convert potatoes into a hybrid crop. A 'large' trial of the first experimental hybrids took place last season.
US government approved 3 more Simplot GMO potato types for cultivation and sale
The US federal government has given the final OK to three more types of potatoes genetically engineered by Boise’s J.R. Simplot Co. to resist Phytophthora - the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine.
Farmers in Tanzania benefit from more resilient potato varieties
Situated in the Northeast of Tanzania, the district of Lushoto is part of the so called highlands of Tanzania where potatoes are traditionally grown. Due to heat and lack of resilient potato varieties, farmers would often lose all the crop.
Como prevenir, controlar y eliminar el tizón tardío de la papa
Agronoticias entrevista al Ing. Agr. M.Sc. Willmer Pérez Barrera, investigador senior en manejo integrado de plagas del Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP).
Sunday, March 5, 2017
INIA Chile crea moderno sistema para detectar plagas y enfermedades online
Profesionales del área de transferencia tecnológica de INIA La Platina desarrollaron una plataforma web de asesoría experta que ofrece al asesor técnico un apoyo en la identificación y posterior control de enfermedades y plagas en las principales hortalizas de la Región Metropolitana.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017