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Biotech-Potato Harvest at the CFT site in Kuru, near Jos. (courtesy: AATF)

Nigeria harvests first batch of biotech-potatoes

December 20, 2022
Elder Isaiah Buwah is growing potatoes for forty years in the Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. Having seen the impact from late blight first hand, he truly enjoyed the harvest of the first batch of - resistant - biotech potatoes.
Potato cultivation in Panama

Tierras Altas, Panamá: Resultados alentadores en cultivo de papa

December 18, 2022
Tras pruebas en la Estación Experimental del IDIAP en Tierras Altas y fincas de productores colaboradores, hay resultados alentadores en el cultivo de papa.
Local seed potato research promising in Zimbabwe.

Local seed potato research promising in Zimbabwe

November 24, 2022
The Zimbabwe Potato Micro-propagation Association (ZPMA) has spearheaded the resuscitation of seed potato production since this stalled around 2008. The current mandate is to substitute imported seed potato.
Potato sack

In the Netherlands, 7 supermarkets sign up for 100% robust potatoes in an organic range

November 19, 2022
In the Netherlands, 31 parties in the table potato chain sign a covenant in which they commit to switch completely to organic robust potato varieties, including 7 supermarkets.
StLecRK-IV.1 structure, localization, and induction pattern.

Chinese Scientists clear up further details of the complex regulation of Potato blight resistance

August 23, 2022
In recent work published in the journal Horticulture Research, researchers from Northeast Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University characterized a negative regulator of late blight resistance in potato.
Potato farmers in Rwanda who are counting losses due to late blight disease welcome the plan to use agricultural biotechnology in developing a resistant crop variety. (Courtesy: Sam Ngendahimana).

Potato farmers in Rwanda upbeat about new variety

July 26, 2022
Potato farmers have welcomed the government’s on-going trials on the use of agricultural biotechnology in producing a new Irish potato variety resistant to the devastating late blight disease.
Fundamental change in late blight strains impacting Irish potato crops.

Fundamental change in blight strains impacting Irish potato crops

June 19, 2022
There is a major displacement of potato-blight strain populations taking place in Ireland at the present time. Speaking on a recent edition of the Tillage Edge podcast.
South Africa Potato Production Receives Added Protection with New Generation Fungicide of Corteva Agroscience

South Africa Potato Production Receives Added Protection with New Generation Fungicide of Corteva Agroscience

May 20, 2022
Corteva Agriscience launched Zorvec Encantia, a new fungicide that specifically targets late blight, a detrimental pathogen currently compromising potato growth in South Africa. The solution, based on Zorvec active, is the first member of a novel class of fungicides.
Farmer Brian Chemase uses the Nuru app in his potato field. Courtesy: M. Korir/PlantVillage

Smartphone app Nuru helps farmers control potato and sweetpotato diseases

April 14, 2022
Free smartphone app Nuru helps African potato farmers to detect late blight (Phytophthora) and early blight (Alternaria) since 2021
Eric Vos, gerente de exportación de patatas de siembra en Agrico.

Agrico: 'La calidad debe ser buena, pero los rendimientos siguen siendo más importantes'

February 09, 2022
La empresa holandesa Agrico es un actor global en el campo de las variedades de patatas de siembra y de consumo. El desarrollo de variedades innovadoras que se adapten a varios climas y mercados constituye una parte esencial de la empresa.


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