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The El Nino-driven drought in Papua New Guinea affects the food supply of about 2 million people. Papua New Guinea is experiencing its worst drought since the devastating 1997 crisis that caused food shortages, disease and loss of life (Courtesy: Oxfam Ne

Australian potatoes temporarily back on the menu in drought-stricken Papua New Guinea

February 15, 2016
Australian vegetable grower body AUSVEG has applauded the decision of the Papua New Guinean Government to temporarily lift the ban on the import of selected Australian fruits and vegetables - including potatoes - for three months.
A potato field in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Province) is being checked for blight (Courtesy: Paul Petrus, Panoramio)

Papua New Guinea bans import Australian Potatoes

August 19, 2015
The Papua New Guinean Government has instituted a ban on the import of selected Australian fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, effective from 11 August 2015.
Late blight affected potato plant

Papua New Guinea Potato Industry On Rebound

January 17, 2008
Papua New Guinea’s K50 million (US$17 million) potato industry is expected to bounce back this year after it was hit by the potato late blight disease (PLB).


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