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US potato export to Mexico
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US potato export to Mexico

National Potato Council responds to the Mexican court import ban of US Potatoes
The National Potato Council, representing the United States Potato Industry responds to the Mexican Court decision to block the import of US potatoes: 'Mexican Court Ruling Ignores Science'
Mexican court blocks import of potatoes from the United States
A Mexican Federal court has made a ruling that bans the import of (table) potatoes from the United States.
Saturday, August 5, 2017
México veta la papa de EU
Para los jueces que dictaron la medida, los tubérculos constituyen un riesgo latente a la biodiversidad y son un potencial riesgo de propagación de 63 plagas cuarentenarias.
Saturday, August 5, 2017
The National Potato Council (NPC) applauds today's official US kick-off to renegotiate NAFTA
The National Potato Council (NPC) applauded the Trump Administration’s announcement today to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
US Potato Growers offer Trump suggestions to improve NAFTA
The National Potato Council (NPC) has sent a letter to President Trump with suggestions how the NAFTA agreement can be improved to benefit the potato trade.
Mexican judge bans import of fresh US potatoes
A federal judge in Mexico’s Northern State of Sinaola issued a decree that bans the import of fresh potatoes from the United States.
Mexico suspends potato imports from the United States
The National Confederation of Potato Producers (CONPAPA) said in a statement that the judge José Francisco Pérez Mier had decided to definitively suspend the imports of potatoes, which were affecting Mexican crops and land, as a precaution and to prevent damages to the nation's natural resources.
26 Kilometer Zone Re-opened to U.S. Potatoes; Rest of Mexico Still Closed
U.S. shippers can resume exports of potatoes to Mexico starting July 7, but only to the 26-kilometer (about 16 miles) zone along the border previously allowed before exports to the entire country were approved this spring - only to be rescinded less than a month later.