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Since in most locations potatoes can not be grown year-round, potatoes need to be stored to make them available all year.

Luckily potatoes can be stored rather well, provided they are stored in the right conditions. What the right conditions are, depends on how and when the stored potatoes will be used.

Potato Tubers are alive!!!!

When storing potatoes, it is important to realize why potato plants form tubers in the first place: Forming tubers underground is a deliberate strategy of the potato plant to survive a period of adverse conditions (such as winter) in order to re-emerge next year and live another season.

Going forward we will talk about Farm and Industrial Scale Storage, but here we offer an article on how to best store potatoes at home

Building dedicated potato storage facilities

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Storing seed potatoes

Sprout Inhibitors

Sprout inhibitors prevent potatoes from sprouting and are required if they are stored at higher temperatures.
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How to Store Table Potatoes

How to Store Potatoes for Processing

Prevention of disease and minimizing losses


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