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The Potato Sector
The Canadian Province of Alberta ranks third in Canada for the production of potatoes.

In 2013 the production was 18.234 million hundredweight, grown on 51,483 acres.

Alberta is a major seed potato producing province and lead seed exporter for Canada. Alberta's seed potato growers produced over 128,000 metric tonnes of seed potatoes in 2015.

The province's potato industry as a whole contributes over $1 billion to the economy annually.

Agricultural Statistics Alberta

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Potato Area Planted in 2018: 55,410.00 acres
Potato Area Planted in 2017: 53,570.00 acres
Potato Area Harvested in 2017: 52,490.00 acres
Potato Production in 2017: 20,507.00 (000) cwt
Potato Yield in 2017: 390.70 cwt/acre
Potato Area Planted in 2016: 52,988.00 acres
Potato Area Planted in 2016: 52,300.00 acres