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The Canadian Province of Alberta ranks third in Canada for the production of potatoes.

In 2013 the production was 18.234 million hundredweight, grown on 51,483 acres.

Alberta is a major seed potato producing province and lead seed exporter for Canada. Alberta's seed potato growers produced over 128,000 metric tonnes of seed potatoes in 2015.

The province's potato industry as a whole contributes over $1 billion to the economy annually.
Agricultural Statistics Alberta
Potato Area Planted in 2018 :55410.00acres
Potato Area Planted in 2017 :53570.00acres
Potato Area Harvested in 2017 :52490.00acres
Potato Production in 2017 :20507.00(000) cwt
Potato Yield in 2017 :390.70cwt/acre
Potato Area Planted in 2016 :52988.00acres
Potato Area Planted in 2016 :52300.00acres
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