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AIC Belorechenskiy JSC

AIC Belorechenskiy JSC is a leading agricultural enterprise in the Sverdlovsk region.

The main activity is the cultivation of vegetables, table and seed potatoes, and the production of milk.

The agricultural combine amalgamates the functions of a diversified enterprise that manufactures, stores, processes and sells its own high-quality products for which all conditions of long-term storage are created.

According to industry ratings compiled by the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, agro-industrial complex Belorechensky JSC is on the 14th place in Russia among the largest and most efficient enterprises for the production of open-ground vegetables, and the 29th for potato production.
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AIC Belorechenskiy JSC
  • Sadovaya st., 6
    Beloyarskiy district, Kochnevskoye village